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Reliance Roof and Clad Ltd (Trading as Reliance Roofing) are your roof installations and repair specialists.

Reliance Roofing is always on top when it comes to their abilities! We are proudly registered licenced building practitioners, ensuring your roofing job is delivered to a high quality and with 5 year guarantees on all workmanship, you needn’t worry.

We like to think we come out on top as the most professional roofing specialists in Whangarei. We have invested heavily in training and safety, ensuring our teams safety and every time you use Reliance Roofing you get the latest best practice applied to all installations.

Reliance Roofing are trusted roofing experts who can get the job done faster because of their years of experience and training in handling roofing and cladding. Their sense of familiarity with roofing tasks makes roofing work undertaken by the Reliance Roofing experts look easy and systematic.

Liability Insurance

Licenced Building Practitioner

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Good quality roofing has to be installed properly for it to protect you from the elements.


Extend the Life of your Roof

As the foremost roofing contractor across Northland and Whangarei, Reliance Roofing provides great value roof repair, the kind of high-quality work that lasts throughout all-weather conditions and for years to come. With our wide range of equipment, we are capable of doing roof repairs, cladding replacements and all kinds of roofing system installations.

Reliance Roofing will help solve your roofing needs, for your home or commercial project. With highly-trained and experienced teams who source the best roofing materials, they certainly have the skills mastered over years to ensure the job is done right the first time. Reliance Roofing is all about the quality of workmanship undertaken, making sure everything on your roof is up to the highest standards.

Quality Workmanship

We are happy to provide previous clients for you to contact about the quality of our work. We offer a 5 year guarantee on our Roofing and Cladding workmanship in addition to the supplier material guarantees!


We will provide a quote before commencing any work and discuss the various options with you, honestly and openly.


We keep our promises. If we say we will come at a certain time, we will be there. No excuses. Fermentum ridiculus dolor netus neque tortor mi semper nascetur


We will treat your home with the same love and respect we would want ours treated with. We have guarantees and insurances to protect your home - just in case.

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Asking for information costs nothing but a phone call. It pays to know more before you get your roof done. Get sound roofing advice in Whangarei from Reliance Roofing.

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