Why You Should Hire A Roofing Expert In Whangarei Instead Of Going Down The DIY Route?

Fixing your own roof is not as easy as mending a broken window or fixing your car. And neither of those are simple tasks!  


You might say ‘I’ve seen Youtube roof repair videos and it all looks so easy, all I need is a ladder and some tools so I can get up there on the roof and get working.’ 


Though you mean well, the risk is causing more damage than good as well potentially putting yourself in harm’s way. As much as you want to turn this into your own DIY adventure, there are reasons why contractors and home owners hire roofing professionals. A specialist roofer in Whangarei can be worth his weight in gold. 


First, roofing is complex. It requires familiarity with techniques and roofing systems. It can be physically difficult, as temperatures soar during the day, you’ll be directly exposed to the sun or the elements. It can be tedious work- do you have the patience to install components bit by bit? Do you know how to estimate how much materials you need? A minor mistake on one end can lead to significant errors by the end of the roof! 


With roof concerns, you can’t overestimate or make a mistake, as this will cost you more money, and a huge waste of your time. Crucially, one more thing, don’t lose your balance, a fall from a roof’s height can mean your life.  

Get your Roof Done Right

We don’t recommend people shouldn’t be up on their roof, messing with it. Just because you think you can save money, don’t expect the results will be at par with what commissioned roof work looks like by a licensed pro such as Reliance Roofing. In fact, you can do more damage in the long-term. Most roofing professionals spend a good number of years getting trained and certified under the apprenticeship of the best roofing contractors in the area. It’s not just about being familiar with tools and roofing materials, but gaining the right set of skills so they can execute a good job for you.

Get a Roof Estimate

Before getting that ladder out, make the time to get an estimate, see what a roofing contractor can offer you for your budget. Reliance Roofing pride themselves on being honest and straightforward. If your budget is not realistic or workable given the size, scale and condition of your roof, Zac from Reliance Roofing will let you know.

At least, if you do call, you’ll know if it’s really worth the effort to get up there on your own.

Reliance Roofing - image of a roof repair process

If you’re hiring a roofing professional, your biggest benefit should be the high-quality workmanship. Factor into this the time and energy you save and hands down the professional roof experts from Reliance Roofing are worth the value you are paying for! 

Without a doubt as a home owner, you want the roof installation done right the first time, and if its roof repairs, you want it fixed sturdy enough that it feels like you bought a new roof for your home.

A premium repair often last a long time and adds to the durability of your current roof system. 



We provide a wide range of roofing services at your request.

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