How to Choose a Roofer You Can Trust

If you personally know a roofing expert, either as a friend or a relative, then you’re lucky. It’s hard to find a roofer you can trust. A friend or relative may give you their honest opinion on the best roof for your home, not discounting that the trust factor is there. You would hold their expertise in high esteem. 

Searching for one in the trades is definitely a struggle. It’s a big risk and a big leap of faith to trust someone to get your roof done. You’ve heard the horror stories and legal woes of those who have to live under a substandard and lousily installed roof over their heads. 

Roofing in Whangarei is an investment. A big investment for the average home owner who wants nothing more than good quality roof materials and excellent roof workmanship. After all, we all want what’s best for our Whangarei homes.  
So how do you find a reputable roofing specialist within the Whangarei area?

Start with the basics:

At some point, someone has had their roof done. Reach out to friends and family for contractor recommendations.

Check the trades ‚Äď Check Google and check the reviews on Google My Business Map Listings.

Call around - don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Once you find your potential Whangarei Roofing Expert, you can ask them the following:

Based on their answers, invite the best ones to your home, those you feel have given you satisfactory answers to your initial questions.  

On the day of your meeting, do note if the roof contractor shows up on time, and is willing to provide an estimate work on your roof project. 

Finding a roofer¬†who’s¬†brash about their previous work, doesn‚Äôt necessarily mean their work was better than others. Personalities play a part, as you need to find a roofing specialist¬†who’s¬†on the same wavelength as you, just don‚Äôt take it¬†for gospel. Once they provide previous job references¬†for¬†roof installation and roof repairs¬†in Whangarei, don‚Äôt slack on the¬†research,¬†make a point to call their past clients and ask how satisfied¬†they are with the roof job the contractor¬†did on their property.¬†

During the estimate, a roof contractor will walk you through their process and how they plan to tackle the roof job. They will also discuss the materials appropriate for your roof and how to mount it; they will reasonably talk to you about the timeframe of the installation as well. In the course of this initial meeting, other details will emerge about the process such as the scope of their roofer’s liability insurance. Everything under the sun that you both can think of and should discuss Рdiscuss. An experienced Whangarei roofing expert will eagerly discuss the important things, without you prompting answers from them, and that’s what’s really important in a trustworthy roofer.  

They can see a problem before it lands, and should let you know about it in detail. After which, they will provide you with options on how to solve them roofing problem, before the problem gets any more complicated. That’s how a good roofer values their client. 

When it comes to costs, it’s naturally tempting to go for the lowest bid on your roof project, but that’s not always the wisest course of action. You do not want someone cutting corners on your roof installation project, less you risk the roof literally falling in on your heads at a later date. 

A reputable contractor will give you a fair and honest estimate on the roof project and what it entails. A good contractor will want to work with the best materials, the right number of crew with the proper insurance in place. They know the roof project will cost you money, and by how much. Furthermore, they can give you an estimate with all the breakdowns plus advice on how to make every cent count.  

If you get a sense of comfort being around your roofing contractor and they are patient enough to address all your roofing questions, then this is your gut telling you that this is a roof expert worth working with.  

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